The integral link to make a mechanical connection between the masonry veneer and the back up wall.

The V-Tie_ is manufactured from 4.76 mm (0.19″) diameter wire conforming to CSA Standard G30.3, and is available in hot dipped galvanized (conforming to CSA CAN3-A370 and ASTM A123 requirement of 458 g / m2 / side [1.5 oz / ft2 / side] of zinc coating), or stainless steel.
The legs of the V-Tie_ are mortared into place at the centre line of the brick veneer.
Ten V-Tie_ sizes are available to accommodate varying air space and veneer width combinations. To determine the optimal V-Tie length – add 1/2 the veneer width plus the air space and insulation specified plus 6 mm = the optimal V-Tie size for your project.

Will not rust
Provides a mechanical link between veneer and connector plate.