Block Shear Connectors allows cavity walls to behave uniformly, resisting vertical shear by connecting the exterior masonry veneer to the concrete block backing. The entire wall functions like a truss, with both wythes performing uniformly as tension and compression components of the truss. This enables structures to withstand more load with thinner walls, less reinforcement material, and less material costs.
Our landmark design creation, and the simplicity of design, along with the efficiency of eliminating pressure on cavity wall systems is unique in the industry. Our patented Shear_ Connectors not only excel when installed, but simplify the installation process altogether.
The Block Shear_ Connector combines the exterior masonry veneer to a concrete block masonry backing. Since the veneers themselves are not capable of handling loads, the Block Shear Connector ties the veneer to the backing, transferring loads and allowing the entire assembly to function with the right combination of uniformity and flexibility.
Our Block Shear Connectors dominate the marketplace, in simplicity, in ease of function and efficiency.
For exteriors, they reduce the likelihood, the frequency and amount of precipitation ingress into any wall system, and because they precede the installation of the air barrier membrane, they preserve your air-tight assembly. For interiors, Shear_Connectors allow for more floor space by reducing foundation requirements.