Important Note Regarding Custom Fabrication

Our catalog is a collection of solutions we offer. It does not represent all options available. Your cladding design engineer is free to design any style or plate thickness up to 5/8” and we can manufacture it. Call us for more information about custom fabrication.

There are two ways to order:
Website Quote Request or Downloadable Order Sheets

1. Website Quote Request:

Find the anchor you want on our site, select the values for each attribute, and add the quantity you require before clicking “Build Order.” You’ll be taken to a form for you to fill in your info and submit it. We’ll review and get in touch. Payment will not be requested during online ordering process.

2. HA Anchors Order Sheets:

How to Order

Order forms for our most popular products are located above, and at the back of the 2014 Product Catalog. They can be copied, filled in, scanned, and emailed back to us at

Ordering Process

NOTE: Mechanically anchoring stone to a building requires submission of engineering calculations, shop drawings, and schedules. Please ensure you have the required technical information.

  1. Determine wall assembly and required cavity depth behind stone elements.
  2. Determine the thickness of stone wished to be installed, divide by two (2) and add the cavity depth. This will provide the necessary projection of the anchor.
  3. A structural engineer will advise as to plate thickness and plate width required to meet bearing capacity, lateral resistance and sheer resistance. They will also determine whether the stone can tolerate the anticipated design loads.
  4. It is important to have a sense of the tolerances of the substrate and whether one has to adapt to substrate tolerances by using either a 1 part anchor, or 2 part anchor with an adjustable slot, or 1 part anchor with shims.
  5. A structural engineer, certified for the jurisdiction applicable to the project in which the stone will be installed, will need to confirm the specifications of the anchor.
  6. For convenience, pre-assembled order sheets are available for the “HA” group of anchors at the bottom of this page. For all others, please refer to the 2014 Product Catalog and convey to Red Leaf Stone Anchors the Product Code required to meet project needs.
  7. Fill in required specifications and dimensions. Identify quantity required.
  8. Scan and submit order form to

*Note: If you wish to receive budget pricing for a project that you might be quoting, Red Leaf can contact an Engineer to give a sense of the specification, upon which pricing can be submitted once the assembly is determined. Personal preference of the installer may play a role.

Note on Electro-galvanization

Electro-galvanized is available at lower price points but not recommended for limestone, marble and sandstone, or where joints will be pointed with cement or lime-based products.