Introduction to Pin & Kerf Systems

Pin & Kerf systems are the most conventional attachment systems made to stone. Pin holes for pins and grooves for kerf are opened on the edge of the stone at desired locations. Connections into the openings are made using pins with adjustable arms or kerfs anchors.

Anchors are either fastened directly to load bearing walls using anchor bolts or they are fastened to sub channel systems with lock nuts or set screws. Careful analysis of the stone thicknesses and edge locations must be made in order to ensure the stability of the stone panels.

Attaching Stone to Anchors with Pins

Drilling is made with no core drill bits using wet system drilling machines. No tolerance drilled hole is essential for proper fixing.

Red Leaf Stone Anchors -Drilling for Pin holes

Red Leaf Stone Anchors -Drilling for Pin holesB

Attaching Stone to Anchors with Kerf (Slots/grooves)

Kerf Attachment To Stone

Kerf Attachment To StoneB


Red-Leaf-Stone-Anchor-kerf attachment 4

• More freedom in facade design and anchor positioning
• No need for expensive drilling equipment
• Fine adjustment is possible
• Fast and easy installation

Red-Leaf-AP-Stone-Anchor-pin & kerf 1

Red-Leaf-AP-Stone-Anchor-pin & kerf 3

Red-Leaf-AP-Stone-Anchor-pin and kerf 2

Special processing needs to be made on the edges of the panels where attachments are to be made. This process must be made using suitable drilling machines and drill bits. High precision is required with very tight tolerances. Failure to conduct proper processing to stones will result in breakage and will jeopardize the security of the stone panel installation.

Drilling is made with a customized designed machine using electroplated special made bits to drill the hole required.

Red Leaf Stone - Products - Drilling Equipment - TM-50_TM-100-MachineFullView


Grooves on the edge of the stone panels must be opened with suitable machines and diamond tools. Diamond discs using wet processing techniques are to be used in order to achieve economic and cast results.

* Continuous grooves will weaken the integrity of the stone. OK for small residential applications.

Red Leaf Stone Anchors -Kerf Anchor Groove Machine


Red Leaf Stone Anchors -single groovesRed Leaf Stone Anchors - Kerf Anchor - Guidelines

Red Leaf Stone Anchors -Kerf Anchor Groove MachineB

The HA03 Kerf type anchor is an attachment method that is used to insert kerfed angles into grooved openings in the stone edges. A special diamond spiral is used to open a groove on the stone edge at specified dimensions. HA03 anchor with up and down bent kerfs are used to insert the kerf end of the anchor into the stone edge.

Red Leaf Stone Anchors -Kerf Anchor SpiralRed Leaf Stone Anchors -Kerf Anchor Opening Groove

Red Leaf Stone Anchors -Kerf Anchor Checking Groove Red Leaf Stone Anchors -Kerf Anchor Positioning Kerfed Anchor

Red Leaf Stone Anchors -Kerf Anchor - Placing Kerf